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To serve the particular needs of different groups, we can arrange various workshops and courses for you. Below are some topics:
• Courtship Course
• Marriage Preparation Course or Pre-Marital Counselling
• Parenting workshops
• Personal Growth: Knowing yourself / self-esteem / how to build up confidence?
• Learning to Care workshops
• Communication Skills
• How to express LOVE
• Art of Apology
• Dealing with Anger or hurt
• Personality & Inter-person Relationships
• Understanding Emotions
• Stress Management
• How to overcome Depression / help those that are depressed?
• How to help those that are grieving?
• Handling anxiety and fear
• Understanding self-harm
• Eating-disorder and its effect
• Understanding and dealing with guilt
• Insights into addictions
• Facing success and failure
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We had organised many workshops in the past and helped those who have come for counselling. Here are some testimonials we have received.
• ‘Thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful counsellor and advisor in Christ. Through counselling I have learnt to come closer to God and also have a better understanding of the Gospel. You have really helped me to integrate Jesus into my life…’
• ‘This workshop is so creative and interesting. I have never thought about why I have chosen that colour and now I know. I will definitely recommend this workshop to others.’
• ‘It helps me to understand myself and others better. Really good presentations.’
• ‘I did not realise that I could choose at all. I always feel so powerless. But counselling has helped me to look at things in a different angle.’

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